Rome is called the Eternal City and for a good reason. It offers incredible sights to tourists who choose that destinaton. But there is much more to Rome than just the ancient architecture to be found. The food and drink is tasty and represents the culture very well. Some expert travelers have recommendations to offer to newbies on the go. Take time to sample the food and drink in Rome.

Wine Tasting:

Rome has its own varietal wines grown in the local hills. The city takes pride in the wine that is served. Come to appreciate fine Italian wines whenever that is possible. Wine tasting is a fun group event for tourists. They can mingle and discuss great wines from Rome.


Rome has its own unique take on the pizza dish. The pie has been served in the city for many decades now. The creative flourish is going to amaze any tourist who tries the Roman pizza.


The frozen custard is a fantastic dessert to sample. There are gelato shops that line the streets of Rome. That dessert has become famous among tourists in Rome. There are many flavors, so give the gelato a chance.


The speckled pepper gives the name to Carbonaro spaghetti. The dish can include diced chicken or shrimp as well. It is a local favorite and dominates much of the fine dining in Rome today.


Bruschetta is effectively an appetizer, but it could make a fine lunch. Sliced bread is toasted and basted with olive oil. Then other ingredients like freshly diced tomatoes and herbs are added.


The pork dish is a popular item at the table. It is a classic staple of cuisine from Rome. Fans are eager to taste the savory pork roll. Rome has many restaurants that offer the porchetta as a meal.

Caprese Salad:

Caprese refers to the freshness of the salad as is served. Herbs and diced tomatoes are the main draw for Caprese Salad. But the fresh mozzarella cheese must also be enjoyed with it.


Few people would expect the artichoke to be so tasty. But when it is grilled and slathered with olive oil, it becomes a fan favorite.


The fried snack is a local favorite among citizens in Rome. Suppli has a ball of rissotto that is combined with tomato sauce. Salut!