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The World Travel Guide is the prime digital consumer trade name inside the Columbus Travel Media ventures. Obtainable in English, German, and Spanish translations, the World Travel Guide gives clarified and correct travel details structured to motivate international travelers. It comprises all features, ranging from cities, airports, cruise ports, ski and beach resorts, and attractions and events. Additionally, it includes out of the ordinary travel news, stories, quizzes, and blueprint for daring travelers.

Food and drink.

Italian Wine – A remarkable success story

Italian Wine

An achievement to be applauded, we guide you through Italian wine’s incredible rise to success

Craft beer: why do we enjoy it so much?

Craft beer is surging the world, what really is the difference between a craft beer and a regular one?

City guides.


Istanbul’s excellent cultural richness is, to some extent, because of its location bestriding the Bosporus Strait. At a critical convergence where Europe joins Asia Minor, the city can rightly boast of being the spot at which the east encounters the west.

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