Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in December 2019 and the announcement by WHO as a global pandemic, traveling has become complex and unpredictable. Many local governments are recommending that this is not the right time to travel since regardless of where you are going, there is a high risk of transmission of the virus.

However for the people that traveling is inevitable, here is how to stay safe from Coronavirus (COVID-19) while travelling:

How to prepare for your travel

*Check the logistics

Before traveling to any place, you should check the travel advice in that destination regarding COVID-19 and sign up for email alerts. Many air and cruise have made changes related to coronavirus. It is very crucial to know these changes to make sure you stay safe from Coronavirus (COVID-19) while travelling.

*Acquire insurance

You want to get assured that if the worst happens and you contract the virus, there will be cover. If you already have an insurance cover, it is important to make sure that the terms regarding the coronavirus are clearly stated.

*Get tested

As much as you would not like to spread the virus to other people, you should make sure that you are free from the virus to avoid spreading to other people. Many health facilities have provided guidelines on how COVID-19 tests should be done.

Measures to take when you are in your destination

Each country, region and state is giving directives on how to stay safe from Coronavirus (COVID-19) while travelling in the area. You must keep up to date with the information and be ready to follow the guidelines.

If you learn that there are cases of coronavirus in the place that you are accommodated, it is recommended that you source for quarantine facilities and take tests for COVID-19 to ensure that you are free from this virus.

Follow the above basic guidelines to ensure that you stay safe from Coronavirus (COVID-19) while travelling. Even if you are on high pressure for traveling, you should avoid destinations recording high cases of COVID-19.